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Ordinary Differential Equations


  • There will be no lectures on Tuesday, April 30, and Friday, May 10. There will be an extra lecture on Wednesday, May 15 (13.15-15.00 in 332A).

    Don't forget to sign up for the exam (on the notice board in the lobby of the math building).

  • The results of the resit exam on August 23 are now available on the notice board in the lobby of the math building. You can also contact me (Erik) by e-mail.

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  • The course book is freely available in electronic form for students at Lund University. Use the following link:


  • Official course plan (English)
  • Official course plan (Swedish)
  • Examination

  • The examination for this course consists of a written part and an oral part. You have to pass the written exam in order to take the oral exam and you have to pass both to pass the whole course.

    There will be 5 questions on the written exam, each giving a maximum of 5 points. The total maximum on the exam is 25 points. You need 50 % (12.5 points) to pass the written exam.

    The maximum number of points at the oral exam is 10 points.

    You can gain bonus points on the written exam by presenting solutions to exercises in front of class. Each presented solution gives 0.5 points. The maximum number of points that you can obtain in this way is 2 points (4 exercises).


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Previous exams

2013-08-23 Exam
2013-05-28 Exam
2012-05-16 Exam
2012-03-21 Exam
2011-04-09 Exam
2011-03-21 Exam
2010-03-23 Exam
2009-04-15 Exam
2009-03-16 Exam
2008-04-12 Exam
2008-03-25 Exam

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Introductory Meeting:
2013-01-21, 16:15

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Reading periods:
Spring, second half